Saturday, January 4, 2014

Title change for my blog . . .

I have decided to change the title of my blog to more accurately describe how I'm feeling about my daily battle with fibromyalgia.  A storm surrounds me each day as I struggle to make sense of this illness and struggle to maintain some sort of "normal" lifestyle.  I push my symptoms to the periphery in an effort to provide a safe space for myself -- the eye of this storm called fibromyalgia.  Within that storm are the struggles to secure competent and compassionate healthcare.  As that storm rages around me I am in a tenuous position of entering that storm at any time as I try to more forward in my life.  Most days I find myself in a safe place that is just a hair away from complete disaster.  Some times I cross the fuzzy line into that storm, because I can't see where that safe eye of the storm begins and where it ends.  So I navigate this storm with a sense of caution, anxiety and pure abandon and rebellion.  Pure abandon and rebellion are my adventurous side that tends to get me into trouble!  But some times getting into trouble is exactly what I need in order to feel alive.  I embark on a new leg of this journey called fibromyalgia to become more in touch with my personal experience and expose my vulnerabilities to the world.  To authentically share your most personal thoughts creates a vulnerable space that can enter the eye of this storm.  As I read blogs that I follow and new blogs that I discover I think about the author's courage when sharing their innermost secrets.  I appreciate that authenticity in the face of the storm we share called fibromyalgia.
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