Thursday, February 28, 2013

The changing landscape of our lives

I recently changed the landscape around me by moving from north San Diego County to a delightfully wild area of the Arizona mountains near Prescott.  I am fortunately in the valley at 5,000 feet where the weather is warmer and the snow is an infrequent, delightful and transient visitor.  Decisions to physically move is an obvious change in our life landscape, but what about those insightful, aha moments that make our life appear so different than it did only moments before?  Many of these moments are so subtle that they may escape our attention and others are like a stick of dynamite that explodes right before our eyes and demands our attention.  Just when I think my life is on a steady course, an aha moment changes that course in a new direction toward uncharted territory and an adventure in discovery.  In the middle of the chaos that characterizes packing a house and moving 350 miles I had one of those aha moments, which was generated by my continuous quest for answers.  My diagnosis of Fibromyalgia has always raised questions for me as it may have for many of you too.  That unconscious part of my brain that works in the background, nags at me when pieces of a puzzle don't quite fit, and it prods me to keep asking