Monday, October 29, 2012

Today is the first day of the rest of your life --

 When chronic illness is in your face every day it is natural to focus on the day that lies before you with a certain amount of anxiety and dread.  One day at a time day after day.  That's a tedious process which breeds sadness and discouragement and robs us of our life.  Fibromyalgia is such a tremendous personal challenge that demands so much energy just to cope each day; precious energy that we don't have.  That's a static place to be.  To feel alive it is important to live in a dynamic place. Enjoyment of life includes residing in a dynamic environment that embraces change and challenge.  Every living thing must meet the challenges life poses every day.  Those challeneges remind us that we are alive and vital human beings.  Those life challeneges are not so ominous when we have a solid life partner and good friends.  Those people will help us through life's challenges as we help them too.  It is so beneficial to be able to ask for help when you need it.  The word "help" is a magical word that engages others with us and confirms that the helper also has another life purpose too.

So today is the first day of the rest of your life.  How will you spend that day?  What changes will you make to ensure you don't spend that day in a sad place?  A good friend of mine chose to have a beer the other day.  That single decision created moments of joy that changed her perception about her whole day.  It's the little things that count in life.  One small change in your day can make your day a delight and minimize some ot the difficult challenges that may deflate your spirit.  It is your spirit that must be nurtured each day, which in turn will nurture your body and improve your pain and the misery.  When those endorphins flow and your body's natural pain relievers are activated you will feel a little better even if it is for a moment.  After all it is those little moments throughout the day that add up and make a big difference.  As a result it is possible to create happy memories that will sustain you in your darkest days.  Refocusing on the happy moments that you create for yourself will minimize some of those difficult moments.  Avoid trying to control all those things around you which you have little to no control over.  Go with the flow and take whatever comes your way in stride.  There are always multiple solutions to every problem.  So relax a little more and laugh a lot more.  It is generally us that impose rules on ourselves.  If we have imposed the rules on ourselves, we also have the power to change the rules too.  I remind myself of that daily.  That makes my life so much easier.  I feel better when I build in some wiggle room and give myself permission and flexibility to change decisions that I may have made previously for my day.

This is Laura from Z Cafe.  Laura was avoiding my camera so this picture doesn't give you an accurate view of Laura's wisdom.  The lines we wear on our faces as we grow older tell a story about our life.  We earn those lines and we should wear them proudly, because those lines are validation of the many life challenges we have met and overcome.  Laura is the anchor for every person that works around her and it is her calm and guidance that creates a dynamic and yet stable environment for others.  Laura loves crows.  Crows too are wise and innovative birds that have so much personality.  It is no wonder that Laura is drawn to the wisdom of these birds, because she too has that sense of wisdom.  Laura loves horses too.  She has a warrior spirit and a beautiful, engaging smile.  Laura's presence at Z Cafe is also the anchor for the restaurant's history and people that have frequented Z Cafe and its predecessor, The Sunrize Cafe.  These people are drawn to Laura and the history she shares with them.  She is like the captain of a ship that stays its course through stormy seas.  Laura is one of the many gems that can be found within the friendly confines of Z Cafe!

What do you wish for the rest of your life?  No matter what you are wishing for, it is possible so don't discard your precious wishes that create meaning and those happy memories.  Keep the faith, nurture your spirit, and continue to look forward to all the days of your life.  There is no time to waste, because today is the first day of the rest of your life.  Blessings to you on your vital and dynamic life journey!
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