Sunday, October 7, 2012

All the seasons of your life

My favorite time of year is autumn . . . spring is good too, but there is something about autumn that energizes me.  We are just getting into our autumn weather.  Last week was so hot, but the last several days have been cooler (in the 70's) and I feel like getting back outside in the garden again.  Time for the autumn cleanup and weeding out all the plants that got burned up by the hot weather.  Gardening is so different here because I cut the plants back in autumn and they immediately start growing again.  Perpetual gardening!  Time to replant my herb garden so I can cook with fresh herbs this winter and I'm going to put some greens in for a cool weather crop so we can have fresh salads.

Yesterday I went to Myrtle Creek, one of the local nurseries, which has a quaint and relaxing atmosphere with a pond and a fountain, and lots of garden nooks to wander through.  There is an old house there with a small veranda that has been converted into a shop with several rooms where seasonal treasures can be discovered.  This autumn Fallbrook is having a scarecrow festival so there are lots of scarecrows everywhere and Myrtle Creek is no exception.  I went there yesterday, because I was feeling a need to get out of the house and have some alone time to wander around the nursery.  It was very therapeutic!

I'm looking forward to winter coming too.  Believe it or not it gets cold in Fallbrook and night time temperatures can dip into the 30's and occasionally we even get frost.  I look forward to that because I put avocado wood in the fireplace and sometimes I have wood burning all day and into the night.  I love that smell; it brings back good memories of times past and I look forward to new memories yet to come.

It's a good time of year to go up Palomar Mountain, which is about 45 miles from Fallbrook to the top of the mountain.  I usually see turkeys on the ride up the mountain and at one of the lookouts there is an ocean view.  There are lots of pine trees and the Hale telescope can be seen near the summit.  On the way back down it's fun to take the long way back home and stop in Julian, a mountain town, for a piece of their famous berry pies and some cinnamon ice cream.  It's my mother's 88th birthday on October 13 so I'm taking her up Palomar Mountain for some fresh air and a change of view.  She's a fiercely independent woman that has overcome many obstacles in her life, including the Great Depression.  She lives in her own home and drives a car . . . she has so many activities planned each week that she has a difficult time getting all of her gardening done!  She is certainly a real survivor.

All of those seasonal activities make the daily challenges of fibromyalgia less of a focus in my day.  And meanwhile I have good memories to mark the seasons spent with the people I love.  Maintaining a positive outlook and not giving up all the things you love is so important for quality of life.  As Sid would say, "I may not be as good as I once was, but I'm good once as I ever was!"  Life is good so enjoy all the seasons of your life to the fullest of your ability so your regrets are few and your happy, joyful times are many.  Blessings to you during this beautiful autumn season . . . or during your spring time with all the blooming spring flowers, whichever season you're in today!
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