Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Connecting to the earth and our energy flow. . .

The other day we had rain . . . I'm talking buckets of rain.  Spillways and streams have been silent in suspended animation all summer as they wait patiently for the rains.  We haven't had rain for 7 months so the first rain is quite a welcome site.  I water my garden during the dry summer, but many plants just struggle for survival as they yearn for mother nature's life giving rain.  So the other morning my plants gayly reached for the sky in delight as rain caressed each tiny leaf.  Those plants that struggled the day before for their mere existance flourish today in celebration of the rain.  It reminded me of being back in the midwest where I grew up.  We referred to the heavy rain as raining cats and dogs.  We even had a rare clap of thunder with lightening just like the midwest.  You may already know that lightening liberates nitrogen from the air, which provides the nutrients that plants need to thrive.  The day before the rain my newly planted impatients looked droopy and sad.  I thought I had done everything I could for them, but what they needed was the one thing I couldn't provide -- rain.  The rain is the harbinger of autumn, and winter to come here in Southern California.

I spent time in my garden today with all the happy plants  . . . and the weeds.  It's wonderfully cool outside and perfect for getting grounded in the garden.  Connecting to the earth helps us to ground our energy and regain a beneficial energy flow.  My good friend, Shirley, introduced me to Earthing, which is method of grounding with Mother Earth.  I always knew that digging in the dirt felt so therapeutic; no matter how much pain I have, I am always drawn to my garden, because I always feel better when my hands are connected with the earth.  I love to wear the dirt too!  When I come out of the garden I am always covered in dirt no matter how careful I am.  It's just part of being in the garden.  I always start out wearing my gardening gloves, but within minutes my gloves are tossed aside and my hands are in the earth.  That's why I don't have long, manicured nails!

So getting back to Earthing . . .   our Mother Earth has natural, subtle energies on the surface that have health benefits for us.  As we become more and more disconnected from the grounding effects of connecting our energy with the energy on our planet, the more disconnected we are to our wellness.  Earthing has the capability to help people to sleep better, reduce pain and stress, and leads to faster recovery from emotional or physical trauma.  The synchronizing effects of earthing helps to stabilize our biological rhythms and hormonal cycles.  The negatively charged free electrons that are readily available on the surface of the Earth equalizes our bodies to the same energy level when we go barefoot in the grass or when we put our hands in the rich garden earth.   (   It is all about becoming reconnected to our beautiful planet that has the capability to heal us as it has for 200,000 years.

Staying connected with the healing energies of our Mother Earth can be difficult due to the ubiquitous presence of paved earth surfaces and the short summer season in the majority of Earth's climates.  The suggested method of connecting with Earth's energy to discharge the excess energy bouncing around inside of us in the form of free radicals is to go barefoot 30 minutes daily, but that isn't possible year round for obvious reasons.  So how do we stay connected and ground our excess energy?  There are a number of products available including earthing bed sheets that have been proven beneficial in increasing energy.  We can also meditate by pulling energy from the earth up through our body and back down deep into the earth with each breath.  This cycle of energy flow helps to improve the flow of those energies that get stuck and bounce around inside of us with no clear path.  Another way I stay grounded is to bring the earth inside for those cooler winter temperatures.  I keep my plants all around me throughout all the seasons.  Spider plants are especially beneficial because they have the capability to clean the air in your home with their little spider baby offshoots that hang gracefully around the plant.

Another way we can become more grounded is by sharing our energy, and receiving energy from others that have a positive energy flow.  The beneficial effects of physically connecting with the positive energy of others can be felt immediately, and the health benefits are sustained for several hours.  Then we need to receive another dose of physical contact to keep that energy flowing.  It's all related to our gregarious nature and the fact that we are a tribal people that rely on each other for survival.  Our modern society has neglected our need to connect closely with one another, which sustains our emotional, physical, and spiritual health and maintains a positive energy flow.  Our well being and the well being of others depends on this connection.  I seek out contact with others every day to give my energy a boost and to freely give my positive energy to them.  The people I seek out are completely unaware of my intentions, but I see the benefit in them immediately and I feel it too.

The beautiful young women at Z Cafe are frequently my connection to positive energy flow.  I specifically go to Z Cafe on the days I expect Marissa to be there.  She always has a smile and her sparkling light green eyes tell a story of a delightful enthusiasm for life and living.  I would never have suspected that Marissa is a competitive long board surfer and she becomes quite serious when she talks about the times when she competes.  It is important to understand each person's story to get a deeper connection to their spirit.  Marissa shares her positive energy flow and her spirit with me every time I see her, and it is a wonderful connection that I feel when we hug one another.

Camille is another delightful young woman with a classic beauty that comes from within her caring spirit.  Even when Camille is working on the other side of Z Cafe she makes a special effort to come over to me and give me a generous hug.  As we all have, I feel that Camille has overcome a number of life challenges, but she approaches her day with a great zest and a positive energy that is palpable.  I don't know much about Camille's life story, but I'm sure I will learn more about the wonderful young woman she is and her ability to meet life's challenges with grace and a beautiful smile.

I am grateful for Marissa and Camille, and all those people that share their joy and a positive energy and spirit with me so generously.  Their love and connection with others make my day and the day of those people with which they connect more meaningful and healthier in so many ways.  Our immune system, energy level, and positive energy flow all get a boost and we all experience a greater sense of wellness.  Our connection with the earth, each other and all the living things that share our planet is critical for our wellness.  Don't hesitate to seek out the sources of energy that are abundantly all around you.  Your body, mind and spirit will thank you and you will positively benefit others in the process.  Blessings to you, your connections and the precious energy that you seek each day!
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