Thursday, July 26, 2012

My Inspired Life With Fibromyalgia: We Need to Fight Fibro Indifference

My Inspired Life With Fibromyalgia: We Need to Fight Fibro Indifference: Indifference refers to the lack of interest or concern from others. Everyone I have spoken with who has Fibromyalgia has suffered not just...

Hi Emily,  I think people's lives are so busy and preoccupied with their own survival that there is little time left to think about the many invisible diseases, including fibromyalgia.  I currently have people in my life that are rather harsh, critical and have little understanding or empathy for the struggles of others.  I have tried to educate people like this and its as though I have spoken to a brick wall.  I think people are who they are and we can't change that, but we do need to insulate ourselves from that.  After all it's one person's opinion and how much is that valued anyway?  When that criticism and lack of understanding come from healthcare professionals it is a far different story.  People are truly vulnerable when in the presence of these professionals.  The healthcare professionals have power over us, so we must choose carefully.  The fibromyalgia community is becoming stronger and more globally connected and that is important for all of us.  May the future for fibromyalgia sufferers be brighter!  This is truly a debilitating disease and care, compassion, and love are part of the cure. 

My best to you,  Valda
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