Thursday, July 26, 2012

Auras of Energy

I have started going to a gentle yoga class weekly.  It is a small, intimate group that meets in a community meeting room with an expansive view of a small lake.  A wonderfully refreshing ocean breeze wafts gently over each of us through open windows and doors.  This ocean breeze originates from the Pacific ocean and travels through the canyons to cool and soothe us as we meditate and bend and twist into our gentle yoga poses.  Each week before we get started we  randomly choose as many inspirational cards as we want as a focus for our gentle yoga practice.  I chose two cards; the first
card spoke to me about new beginnings and greeting the next chapter in my life.  How meaningful is that as I begin my 7th decade of life!  The other card was a reminder of the energy we all harbor within us and how love and kindness nurtures that precious energy resource.  I began to ponder the state of the world today and how the harsh actions of others around us can sap our energy and leave us depleted.  I also thought about those people in war torn countries like Syria and the terrible realities those people are living with every day.  How is it possible for those people to feel nutured and grow their energy aura?

Have you ever been in the presence of someone with a free flowing energy aura?  These people freely offer their energy to everyone they meet and we are instinctively drawn to these people.  A simple hug or touch creates the opportunity for an energy exchange and the people with an energy abundance influences the flow of endorphins, our built in feel-good chemicals.  Our body chemistry is receptive to those people that openly give their love and care.  As living beings our energy aura is responsive to nurturing even from ourselves.  The more we care about ourselves and nurture ourselves the larger our energy aura becomes.  And we are very perceptive about how large or small others' energy auras are.  When we greet other people we are instinctively aware of the energy transfer that is taking place.  Have you noticed how people with depleted energy reserves tend to pull energy from your aura and then you have a decision to make.  Do I give up my precious energy to that person or do I pull back my own precious energy reserves and protect that aura?  You have most likely come in contact with people that are constantly demanding energy from you and others around them.  These individuals will deplete your energy and your aura will become tighly wrapped around you in protective protest.  Be aware of those energy thieves and make wise choices about giving up your energy to them.  Ideally the energy flow between people is reciprocal and both are rewarded by that exchange.

Did you know that all living things have an
energy aura?  Even plants have an energy aura and it is quickly evident which plants have been nurtured and which plants have not.  Plants respond to the attention that is given to them and as attention increases the plant's aura increases too.  Isn't that amazing?  We take plants for granted because they move so slowly and we don't speak the same language, but plants respond to caressing and simple nurturing.  Our whole planet is a living and breathing being.  I inherited a very sad plumeria plant that hadn't been nurtured in a very long time.  The leaves were yellowed, the branching arms were scarred with age and the plumeria hadn't bloomed since it had been planted.  The result from a lack of nurturing was the plant's aura was very weak.  I studied this plumeria and decided it needed more water and it needed some food and lastly, but most importantly, this plant needed attention.  So I made the care of this plumeria a priority.  I gave the plant attention every day and gave it food and water to satisfy its appetite.  A year later the plumeria offered a few blooms and I was delighted with its improvement.  Another year of nurturing this plant has fully recovered and is now blooming freely with an aura that demands the attention of everyone walking by.

There are times when our daily lives become so demanding and fast paced that we may feel depleted of our life energy force.  That can place us in a defensive position as we fight for survival.  One of the greatest rewards life has to offer is the giving and receiving of our vital life energy force.  As we exchange energies and as we love, care and nurture each other we flourish and bloom similar to this plumeria.  May you live life to its fullest and take time to openly share your gift of energy!

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