Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Face of Fibromyalgia

The face of fibromyalgia
As years go by our experiences are reflected in the lines on our face.  There is nothing that writes with deeper lines, darker circles under the eyes and sagging skin more than the story of a chronic illness such as fibromyalgia.  With the passing of each year our face may begin to appear older than our years due to the constant struggle with chronic illness.  The miles spent in chronic pain are expressed on our face just as happy lines become predominant if our miles traveled were in a happy place.  Despite a conscious effort to overcome a chronic, debilitating illness that illness will take its toll and tell its story on our face.

My 22-year history with an injury resulting in fibromyalgia have certainly taken their toll on me and these years have been vividly expressed on my face.  So despite the fact that I have found good medical care and treatment in Prescott, AZ those miles cannot be denied.  I believed that I was overcoming this dreadful illness, but I was only deluding myself by clinging to a younger vision of myself.  Don't we all remember when we were 20 and full of energy and passion for life?  That is where many of us prefer to be stuck and then we are startled when a mirror reflects an image that isn't recognizable.  I ask, "Who is that old woman in the mirror?"  And as I turn away I again regain that image of vitality when I was in my 20's.  Those certainly were fleeting years!

Before Nerium (left) and 4 weeks after Nerium (right) - just after sweating in the garden!
Illness is not the only stressor that can be expressed on the human face.  Any stressor, physical or emotional, can etch those miles in the most unflattering way!  Am I so
vane that I am writing of such things that have little to do with the strength of my relationships and the people I love so much?  I guess that as I get older I just want some of those years back, because my work here isn't done and I have so many things I would like to accomplish that remain undone.

Before Nerium (top) and 4 weeks after Nerium (bottom)
My life journey has brought me to Nerium International and the comraderie, relationships and friendships that have been an unexpected bonus.  How fortunate am I?!  And the added bonus is that Nerium skin care age defying products have given a few years back to me that were lost.  The combination of good medical care and Nerium has turned back the clock for me so I have a second chance to live those years that I thought had been lost.  I want to share this joy with you, because you too can regain some of those lost years.

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