Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Live happy and don't look back!

Life is a series of ups and downs, especially when a chronic illness like fibromyalgia is involved.  Despite the ups and downs, if you aren't happy then nothing else counts.  Am I right?  Happiness has the power to affect everything in our lives, even our health.  I'm not saying if you are struggling with chronic illness that it isn't a tough journey, but I am saying that happiness is tied into the mind/body connection.  If you are happy you have more life satisfaction, life satisfaction leads to better relationships, and better relationships leads to more happiness.  It's a life cycle.  Another life cycle begins with taking care of yourself and making that a priority.  If you care for yourself you feel better, and when you feel better you have a better quality of life, and when you have a better quality of life you have more life satisfaction, more longevity, better relationships, more happiness . . . you see how these cycles work?  Stagnation is a foreign concept in the cycle of life and stagnation doesn't lead to happiness.  Happiness is a dynamic state of being that ebbs and flows as you travel on your journey.

I recently was introduced to a magazine Live Happy.  That says it all.  The newest research has showed that  "when we choose to be happy and take steps toward that state of mind, our golden years are more likely to be truly golden.".  (August 2014, Live Happy, The Golden Age of Happiness, pg 82)  Research has also demonstrated that when we are in the state of happiness that we most likely will live longer too.  Amazing how that mind/body connection works.  We are truly an entity that cannot be dissected merely into body parts. 

Me and my happy little kittie Wills with the cute whiskers!
I read a number of blogs written by people with fibromyalgia.  The focus is frequently pain, brain fog, difficulties experienced in every day . . . that focus can result in a downward spiral and rob you of your life.  Despite life's challenges, and they can be many, if the focus turns to happiness, relationships,and caring for yourself and others, you will feel better.  Happiness is a key that opens many doors and leaves you with good memories.  It's a matter of focus.

This month's Live Happy publication talks about the power of words.  (Rubin, Gretchen.  August 2014, Live Happy, pg. 40)  According to Gretchen, the words we choose are critical to our happiness.  The differences in our word choice reveals how we think and who we are.  If you listen to what you say it will reveal your attitude, level of optimism, your level of empowerment, how positively you think, and your entire mindset.  Listening can be a difficult task and how often do we listen to ourselves anyway?  We should be the first person we choose to listen to!  That's how we get to know ourselves. So, is your glass half full or half empty, do you play the piano or practice piano, do you exercise or take a dance class . . . ?  You get the idea.  Are you a victim of circumstances or responsible for everything in your life and in charge of you?  Being in charge of you leads to total freedom and happiness.  Those words may be nuances to some, but they tell a deeper story that may be affecting life satisfaction and happiness.

Happiness doesn't mean you don't still have difficult or next to impossible days, but it sure helps me get through those days and improves my level of resiliency.  That's the cycle of our life.  Choose that cycle wisely!  Blessings to you on this fascinating journey.  To read more about happiness look for Live Happy and find positive in your relationships, at your job, and in your daily life.
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