Monday, August 27, 2012

Engaging with positive auras improves your well-being

My last blog was focused on Highly Sensitive People and the impact  the environment has on these people.  You may be able to identify with some of the characteristics of being highly sensitive and other characteristics probably didn't quite fit for you.  This is because the human brain and the development of personality are so complex and each of us express our genes in a way that is unique to each of us.  I am an identical twin and I have been fascinated with the differences between my sister and me.  While we are so much alike in some ways there are also vast differences between us too.  I have fibromyalgia and my sister does not.  Since my sister and I are genetically identical, what accounts for those differences?  The latest research shows that the differences are expressed in the "tune" each of us has decided to play with our own unique variation of the same song.  Our genes are therefore expressed differently and with the differences in our environment we have developed into very different people.  The Highly Sensitive Person may be histrionic and theatrical . . . that does not describe who I am at all.  I tend to be stoic and practical, and I enjoy sitting back and observing "the action" around me.  I am not overreactive and take the time to process and analyze sensory information to the nth degree.  Sometimes I process and analyze that information too much!  I find that I instinctively seek out places to go that have good karma.  The gentle yoga class I attend has such good karma and the people there are warm and inviting, and they understand the challenges that life has posed for me . . . they share the same daily challenges too.  Inspite of those challenges we all laugh and hug and share those positive energies that highlty sensitive people so readily share.

So let me tell you about my favorite cafe that I am instinctively drawn to.  I have mentioned this cafe in a previous blog post . . . it's called The Z Cafe.  This is a place that has very good karma and I have analyzed and processed the interactions I have there that renew my energy and help me to feel better.  At first I thought it was just about the wonderful latte that is served to me each time I go or the Mikey's Special Oatmeal that I order with fruits, nuts and fluffy steamed milk topping an otherwise drab and tasteless dish.  This energy gift that I receive most times I am there is about the beautiful, young women that I connect with at this cafe.  Julia and Sydney are two young women that I seek out when I go to the Cafe.  They are intelligent and have a special spirit and a positive energy they freely share with co-workers and patrons alike.  Their smiles brighten an otherwise black and white decor that comes to life because they are in it.  I don't think they realize the gifts they share with others and some people are not intune at all and miss the opportunity to make their own day better.  But I never fail to connect with these two women and we share our auras without hesitation and my day is instantly better no matter what my challenges may be that day.  Julia has the dark hair and Sydney has the blonde hair.

It is so interesting being in touch with a sensitivity to my environment.  When I was at the Cafe today I was sitting in close proximity to a table with a middle aged man and woman, and a yellow lab.  The yellow lab had wonderful karma with a smile on his face and a wagging tail that gave away his positive energy.  The woman on the other hand was surrounded by a caustic aura that was immediately offensive to me and I didn't know if I would be able to stay in such close proximity to her.  I wondered how her male companion could possibly tolerate being at the same table with her.  His body language and facial expression revealed a sadness that was palpable.  Happily the couple and their dog didn't stay long and as they retreated I couldn't help but think how that dog was so out of place in this scene and I felt a sadness for the dog and the man.  It's hard to tell how much awareness existed in the three beings involved in this scenario, but I'm sure the dog was most likely aware.  Isn't it interesting how animals are so attuned to the interactions of everyone around them, but people many times override the broad brush that paints the landscape and complex interactions and opt instead for a black and white canvas.

So despite the pain and discomfort I experience every day, my world is richer than many of the people that routinely go through their day without a second thought about the details available to them.  I intentionally hug people whenever the opportunity presents itself, because people do benefit from human contact in more ways than they are aware.  It's so much fun to see their faces light up, because I have shared positive energy with them.  They have no idea what just happened, but they obviously have benefitted!  Ha!  I think this act of hugging others is also a way I entertain myself and it's good.  So enjoy the gifts you have been given and carefully and thoughtfully shield yourself from people and places that deplete your energy and have a depressive effect on you.  Surround yourself with good karma and positive energies and you will find that you can thrive and flourish.  You will feel better.  Blessings to you today and for all your tomorrows!
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