Sunday, December 2, 2012

Kaleidoscopic possibilities and perspectives

How are you doing today?  I so rarely receive a comment and I am really wondering how things are going for you.  I'm a little rough around the edges, but with the support of my husband and some good friends I'm actually doing well.  We are leaving for Prescott, AZ in a few days to look for a new home.  Big life changes can certainly create a measure of stress.  Throughout this life journey I am constantly amazed at the kaleidoscope of possibilities and perspectives that change the fabric of reality from moment to moment.  When I let go of the power and control I try to have over unfolding life events, I discover the superficial and monocular view I had held so dear begins to dissolve.  In its place appears a brightly colored stained glass pattern of reflected light representing all the opportunities before me.  Seemingly dead ends become a multitude of doors leading to new adventures and sometimes unexpected outcomes.  As these adventures unfold there are more possibilities as the kaliedoscope continues to turn.  I just have to let go and be willing to move forward into the vastness and uncertainty of the unknown.  It's a leap of faith that keeps me moving forward.  The alternative is to remain stuck in a place that becomes dark and dreary, predictable and safe.  Is safety believing that we know what each day will hold for us?  Probably not.  That more closely resembles denial and fear . . . and stagnation.

There's a familiar saying that most women recognize:  when the going gets tough the tough go shopping.  There is some wisdom in that as long as you don't go over budget.  Going shopping actually is a component of that kaleidoscope which creates a different environment, opens up the opportunity to gain a different perspective and see new possibilities.  That's as long as the entire shopping trip isn't focused on purchases!  When you become stuck on a problem or in an undesireable life situation, go boldly where you have never gone before . . . into the unknown.  Into that wonderous kaleidoscope of change and uncertainty that fuels your life adventures and keeps you engaged wondering what lies behind all those doors of possibilities.  It's really all about perspectives; perspectives that are vibrant, flexible and always searching for all the possibilities that could be.  Each new perspective that presents itself changes your sense of reality and brings your "life vision" more crisply into view.

When my perspective becomes stagnant I can feel the dis-ease all around me and in the pit of my stomach.  It's that uneasiness that motivates me to expand my perspective.  I know there is something I must learn even though I may not even know where to start.  Frequently I begin by talking with my closest friends.  My friends have a way of helping me gain new insights and develop an awareness of my deepest unconscious longings.  I also read.  I read anything.  While my brain is learning it is also actively working on those incomplete perspectives that get in my way.  I listen carefully to the perspective of others whether my original perspective is in complete alignment or not.  First seek to understand and then to be understood.  If you prescribe to that philosophy it is amazing the things you will learn; things that have value and the ability to present more doors of possibility.  Listening always leads me to surprising insights and yet it can be so difficult to do.  There is so much we can learn from each other.  It is our collective wisdom that has so much value.  All we need is our ability and willingness to listen and learn, and we must trust that the kaliedoscope appearing before us will surely help to show us the way.  While we are listening there will be so much extraneous "noise" that will create interference.  That extraneous noise may present itself as pain, fatigue, discouragement, depression, strained relationships, excuses, feelings of victimization . . . there's so much noise.  Change the channel and tune it out before that noise sabbotages your best intentions.  When you are able to see that beautiful kaleidoscope of possibilities and perspectives, it is a moment you will never forget.  I am hoping this day finds you well and moving forward guided by your ever expanding perspectives.  Blessings to you on your life journey!
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