Saturday, March 7, 2015

The Fibromyalgia Perplex

I have been following The Fibromyalgia Perplex, a collection of scientific and research based professionals that share and debate the topic of Fibromyalgia.  Perplex means to think logically and decisively about a topic. The Fibromyalgia Perplex blog has been visibly absent due to a "false start".  This blog is now back again and the rules for posting are quite restrictive:

About comments. We want this blog to be about research and discussions concerning fibromyalgia. To post to this blog you should be a published author, have other academic credentials, or would be welcomed as a discussant in an academic journal. We make these somewhat arbitrary rules to try to exclude the general, non-scientific public. We welcome comments by all scientists and social scientists, not just those who are physicians. This blog is moderated, meaning that the editors decide what will appear. In general, we will not censor on-topic scientific posts provided authors meet the above guidelines. If you don’t fit our guidelines and think you have something to contribute, send the editors an email at [As a modification, we will accept post from non-profesionals provided they meet certain criteria.]

The Fibromyalgia Perplex blog can actually be quite tedious for people that are not interested in research and the scientific method.  But if you are interested in "getting inside" of the heads of scientists, social scientists and researchers, then this blog is for you.  In the past, the participants have debated quite vigorously and reading about their thoughts and opinions is quite interesting and frustrating at the same time.  It is frustrating when the reader is not in agreement, but does not have the "clearance" to be able to reply and enter into the debate.

So, I put this out here for all of you to participate as observers in the sidelines.  To alleviate our frustrations, I welcome all of you to bring the debate here to my Web page so that all of us have a forum to discuss and debate the topics in discussion on The Fibromyalgia Perplex.  All I ask is that we all be respectful of each other and enter into this discussion/debate in good faith.  The url for The Fibromyalgia Perplex is  Meanwhile, enjoy the lively discussion and debate and I look forward to sharing our thoughts and experience related to this blog (The Fibromyalgia Perplex)!!  Blessings to all of you!
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