Tuesday, April 16, 2013

In the Darkness of Night . . .

In the darkness of night I walk alone --
  I hear the night winds as they howl and they moan.
And on and on the winds howl and they moan.

I have no control as I search for some sleep
   and the restlessness over my body does creep.
And I search for my sanity and for some sleep!

I look out into the void of the dark,
  but the images I see are really quite stark.
And all that I see is the void of the dark.

As the night slips away to yield darkness to dawn
   I pace and I prowl across the dew laden lawn.
And I pace and I prowl 'till the light's early dawn.

As night turns to day I know night will return
   and that is the time again I will yearn
For sleep that evades me . . . I continue to yearn.

As night falls again that feeling appears
   and the night drags along into years and more years.
And that feeling creeps into years and more years.

Although it appears that alone I do pace
  while "It" creeps and crawls all over the place!
I know that alone I never do pace.

There are others that fight this battle not won
  from first hint of dusk until the first light of sun.
This is a battle that cannot be won.

A flicker of light in the east does appear
   and heralds the day and dissolves all the fear
As sunlight dances away all the fear.

And "yes" I'm still here!

My earliest recollection of WED/RLS was in my childhood, but the symptoms didn't start in earnest until 20 years ago following an injury.  I have actively fought nightly with this disease for the last 20 years.  Blessings to you as you walk alone through the night!
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