Thursday, November 8, 2012

Hanging on the precipice of change

How are all of you on this beautiful day?  We have stormy clouds and scattered rain today.  It's the kind of day that I usually enjoy, especially because the garden celebrates the rain.  But on this day the weather seems to be oddly symbolic for the state of my beloved country.  A storm brews with the outcome of our election and I fear that life as I have known it with the abundant freedoms I have enjoyed is now gone forever.  I am in mourning.  We are a divided nation that believes throwing darts at each other in the form of hateful rhetoric will solve our critical problems.  We are on the Obama Care implementation path that will lead to a disastrous destruction of our healthcare system.  The thought of our healthcare system moving toward care rationing is frightening to those of us with chronic illness.  No one in the current Administration talks about care rationing, but that will be the result of this healthcare model.  In addition, we are perched on the edge of a fiscal cliff so high that the bottom is not visible.  I fear that solutions will come too late or not at all.  The change that looms before me and all Americans will be one of the greatest challenges of our lives.

I have written about change in previous posts.  I am quite adaptable and flexible with changes, because I am always in a problem solving mode.  The changes in my life have always felt rather comfortable, because I have consistently maintained a sense of control over my life circumstances.  Despite difficult life moments, I have kept the candle of my spirit burning brightly and that has always sustained me.  I do believe that faith, hope, courage, a love of life, a positive attitude, a sense of humor, integrity and ethical values are the necessary components that create a solid foundation for meeting life challenges.  But having this chronic illness makes me feel vulnerable, because I don't have the energy or good health to meet a challenge of this magnitude.  I am fortunate that I don't have to meet this challenge alone; there are many that must and more than half the country is unaware of the changes that are coming in the near future.

So during these difficult days I think of you all and I feel your pain.  Despite our diversity in thinking, we are all in this together.  Not just in one state or one country.  We are globally all in this together.  We have similar hopes and dreams, common needs, and basically the same goals in life.  We are a global community in a struggle for survival and we need each other.  It's important for us to be kind, patient and supportive of each other.  At this moment in time I just keep putting one foot in front of the other and move forward.  I know that life will never be the same, but I keep focusing back on hope for my future and yours too.  But for now, I mourn.  Blessings to you during all the changes of your life!
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