Saturday, September 29, 2012

Hey, where's the joy??

I look for little snipets of joy all the time.  Joy is such an integral part of quality of life and if you don't have quality of life, what's the point?  You know, every day is a good day, but some days are harder than others.  The harder the day becomes the harder I look for the joy.  It's like being a sleuth gathering clues in search of an elusive prize.  The more elusive joy becomes the more determined I become to find it.  Not having joy in my day is not an option.  I have constructed a mental list of reliable joy sanctuaries so I am able to get my dose of joy any time I need it.  When all else fails and the trail becomes temporarily lost, I am comforted by the knowledge that joy can be found in obscure places; places that others may not recognize.  To find joy you must be highly observant and intuitive and be receptive to the clues all around you.  If you wait for joy to be delivered to you in a neat little package you will fail to recognize joy when you see it.  Joy presents itself differently wherever you look.  Joy is often incognito!!  Why is joy so hard to find at times?  I'm sure it's because joy is the ultimate prize.

Whether you find joy every day or not has an enormous impact on your entire life.  Isn't that amazing?  Those little snipits of joy seem so insignificant at first glance, but joy, in its most diminuitive form, has an incredible amount of power.  When you find joy, everyone around you is aware, because you will have a smile on your face.  You won't be able to help it!  And that smile worn all your life will give you happy lines as you age.  Others that find joy completely undiscoverable will attempt to rob you of your joy.  It isn't that they really want if for themselves.  Absolutely not!  They just don't want you to have it.  Now isn't that a mystery??!  I have observed that phenomenon all my life and I am amazed that some people fail to recognize the power that joy has.  That power I'm talking about acts like an enormous magnet.  It draws other people to you, because they are on a quest for joy too and they immediately sense that you have a cache of joy and they want some of it for themselves.  The funny thing is when you share your joy freely with others the joy multiplies.  It becomes so abundant that soon even those people that weren't searching have some too.  They feel it, but they don't even know what happened.  And the beauty of joy is if you readily share your joy with others it not only multiplies, but there is enough joy for everyone on the earth.  Now isn't that amazing?!

The power of joy is much greater than the power of money.  Remember that old Beatles song "Money Can't Buy You Love"?  Well, joy can.  Joy has the capability to get you so many things that you are searching for.  Joy has the power to bring you true love, a happy feeling inside, contentment, positive energy, pain relief, satisfaction, friendship, hope, an abundance of love, a generous spirit, enthusiasm for life and the ability to appreciate all the wonders this life has to offer.  When you can't find joy, your spirit becomes withdrawn and self-focused and life loses its zest.

Let me tell you where I find joy.  When I wake up in the morning Sid is there and he starts talking about some nut and bolt with such great enthusiasm it makes me laugh out loud and I'm not even out of bed yet.  Instant joy!  Then I go care for my two kitties and the doggie.  They absolutely love life and they are so full of joy and readily share it with me.  More instant joy!  I take a short trip to Z Cafe and feel the positive energy before I even go inside.  That may be due to the wonderful aromas wafting from the kitchen as I approach the door!  Ha!  But then I go inside and there are all those people that contribute to a joyful ambiance and I appreciate my connection to them.  It is invisible, but the physical response is unmistakeable and that helps to carry me through the day.  Let me tell you about Kaylee.  I can't recall a time when she hasn't been smiling.  She is an amazing young woman.  Just seeing her makes me feel better and she has the ability to make everyone's day more joyful, with the exception of the people that choose to focus on negative energy.  It's a choice for all of us every day.  If we are open and receptive to the gift of joy, it will find us.  We won't have to search for long to find joy.  Kaylee is the true test for receptivity.  Her aura of joy extends feet beyond her physical presence and as she spreads joy, her aura balloons outward like a beacon in the night.  Now let me tell you about shy Sarah.  Sarah is quiet and shy and I see her so often at Z Cafe.  She always greets people with a shy and very sincere, sweet smile, which lights up her face.  I haven't known Sarah for very long, but I do know she has the ability to make everyone's day better.  If I wasn't searching for joy around every corner I might miss the gifts that Sarah has to share.  But I make sure I don't miss Sarah, because I know she is looking for joy too.  I find more joy if I am able to make someone's day a little better too.  When Sarah feels the joy she smiles a little more while she works, especially when she meets my gaze.  She is a little diamond in the rough.  This is Sarah below . . .

May you find the snipets of joy wherever you look and may you share that joy with others.  Joyful blessings to you and to all the people who's lives you touch every day!
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